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There are many reasons to join the SBS Dance family.  Here are the top 3:

1. Our fully accredited teaching staff.

We proudly display our certificates in our studio to acknowledge the hardwork by our teachers and their commitment to your children.

2. Our commitment to value.

Our competitive pricing combined with our talented staff continues to set us apart from other studios.

3. Our small class sizes.

SBS Dance is THE Family Friendly Studio.  The small class sizes mean your children will get more attention and personal training.

Also. . .  For Kids:

  1. Work with amazing teachers
  2. Meet fabulous new friends
  3. Learn the hottest moves and coolest dance techniques
  4. Get a (temporary) break from school work
  5. Have FUN!

For Parents:

  1. Your kids will have fun and learn at the same time
  2. Caring and professional dance instruction
  3. Newly renovated studios with a great atmosphere and friendly parents
  4. Small class sizes so your child receives the attention they deserve
  5. Dance is a great way to encourage fitness
  6. Great coffee
  7. Free Wi-Fi access (well that’s for the kids too!)

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My kids love SBS!  Can’t wait for the new season to start… - Angela
Dance Mom
We’ve been at SBS for years.  From the age of 4 up to (currently) 14, my daughter loves it here! Thanks so much. - Stacey
Dance Mom